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Some of the Most Stunning harbors to Visit in the World

Harbors are beautiful but there are those that are uniquely stunning. Regardless of whether you love watersports or just sunbathing, these harbors have something for everyone. They are full of activities and stunning views to enjoy.

Rio de Janeiro Harbor in Brazil

This is one of the most spectacular harbors that you can visit not only in South America but also across the globe.  What makes it stunning is its balloon-shaped appearance, the brilliantly shaped mountains, and the white sandy beaches. Whether you want to trek the dramatic mountains and the national parks around the attraction or you want to engage in watersports activities, the Rio de Janeiro harbor is a place for everyone.

Sydney Harbor in Australia

The Sydney Harbor is not famous just because it’s in Sydney, it has earned its place in being one of the most stunning. Glistening like diamonds in summer, the harbor is full of activities and festivals. Untouched bushland surrounds the harbor that has small bays and inlets. What makes it more spectacular is the iconic Opera house and the Harbor Bridge.

The Stockholm Harbor in Sweden

When planning a holiday to Sweden, Stockholm Harbor should be one of the places to visit. The recreation area of the island chain in the archipelago is a perfect place for this. The Royal Palace can be seen from the harbor and this is just one of the grand buildings around. In addition to this, you can visit one of the parks that line the shores of the Stockholm harbor and engage in various activities.

Vancouver Harbor in Canada

The harbor gives you spectacular views of the city center which is surrounded by parks including the famous Stanley Park and mountains. It’s located in the city which makes it a perfect spot when in Vancouver. The best time to explore what the beautiful harbor has to offer is in autumn.

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

You are in for a treat when you get to experience the stunning views across Victoria Harbor. The towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong on both sides of the harbor makes it even more stunning. This has been a crucial trading port for years. To have a better experience of the harbor besides taking a walk, you can board a ferry from Hong Kong to Kowloon.

Each harbor across the globe has something unique about it. From the famous Sydney harbor, Rio de Janeiro, Victoria to Vancouver harbor, you will enjoy every moment of your experience.