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Longest Rivers in Australia

Australia is a wonderful travel destination because it has a vast array of wildlife, beautiful sceneries and much more. One significant thing about Australia is its rivers. The focus of this article is going to be on the longest rivers in Australia. Over the years the rivers in Australia has played a very important role in the social, ecological and economic condition of Australia as a whole.


The Murray is basically the longest river in Australia. It stretches for some 1,558 miles. Unlike any other river, the Murray has a very rich history. A group of people known as aboriginal has relied on this river for sustenance for a long time. This river has been of cultural importance to the people around it. The river Murray was discovered by explorers in the year 1824, after which it was used for irrigation, navigation and water supply.

Today the Murray is home to a lot of dams so as to control water quantity as well as quality during times of flooding or drought. Social and recreational activities are popular with this river. Some popular faunal that reside in the basin of this region are – turtles, koalas, lizards and so on.

Over the years the salinity of this river has increased due to the impact of climate change.


This river is a tributary of the Murray River and it extends for some 994 miles along the Australian Alps. This river has a very strong historical importance. Over the years it has provided water and food for people around it. The river also helps to facilitate the settlement of Europeans back in the days. The rivers presently sustain a lot of swamps, tributaries, and wetlands which has a huge economic significance.

Today, the river supports the agricultural and tourism sector in the region. It is also used in the generation of power. This river is home to lots of marine organisms which include: Murray cod, crayfish, Australian smelt and many more.

Bulloo River

This is the third largest river in Australia. It stretches for about 982 miles. The Bulloo has a huge ecological significance. There are a lot of creatures that depend on this river for substance. Over the years the river has been protected by the Idalia national park.

Final note

The rivers in Australia have had a major impact in the tourism industry. Even more, it sustains the various fauna in the area.