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Breathtaking Places You Must Visit on Your Trip in Australia

Travel is all about discovery, adventure, visiting breathtaking places and reconnect with yourself again. And where can you do all of this, if not Australia?

Australia is one of the most visited tourist attractions and most beloved country with many attractions to visit. According to travelers who’ve been there, once you put your foot on Australian ground, you always come back!

Are you considering to take an Aussie trip in near future? If yes, here are the most amazing places you shouldn’t miss visiting on your trip to Australia!

Visiting the oldest and biggest stylish and vibrant city – Sydney provides an amazing experience for travelers

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and it’s located on the southeastern coast. Sydney has a range of marvelous sun-drenched beaches, botanical gardens, and many popular attractions like the Opera House you can visit. The city is also known for the surfing activities in Bondi Beach, climbing activities on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and sailing across the harbor. Whatever is your passion, Sydney will meet your desires and imagination.

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland offers a one-of-a-kind exhibit of the underwater life

The Great Barrier Reef represents the largest collection of coral reefs in the world with 1,400 miles spanning. It’s that large that’s also visible from space and seen as one of the Seven Natural World Wonders. Visiting this place provides an unforgettable experience including diving and one-of-a-kind exhibition of the underwater kingdom. It’s one of the MUST visit places in Australia.

Ayer’s Rock is one of the most popular Australian landmarks and considered as a sacred rock that’s definitely worth the sight

The Ayer’s Rock is a stunning red rock that stands 1,142 feet above sea level and is located in the Central Australian desert. It’s believed that the rock is sacred and is best known as ‘Uluru’ – Aboriginal name. Visiting this place will make you taste the indigenous culture and is definitely worth the sight. It’s also one of the most admired attractions among tourists.

A heaven slice on earth in Australia – the Gold Coast is a perfect place for surfers and people who love spending quality time on the beach

If you are into the beaches and nature, the Gold Coast is perfect for you! Characterized by the spectacular sandy beaches, forests, hinterland ranges and pleasant citizens, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular destinations.

Here you can find golf courses, luxurious spa resorts, designer boutiques, impressive bars and nightclubs and theme parks. Whatever you can think of, the Gold Coast has it all prepared only for your amusement!

Are you here for the kangaroos? Blue Mountains National Park is the right place for you!

We all know that kangaroos are the protective sign of Australia. Have you always dreamed of seeing a kangaroo? If yes, the Blue Mountains National Park is where you can find kangaroos, kookaburras, parrots and many other beautiful animals. However, that’s not everything this place has to offer.

Surrounded by rainforests, the national park is also the home of the Three Sisters rock formation that will amaze you! The park is pleasant in autumn, charming in winter, turns into a spring rainbow and provides a refreshing summer experience. You won’t  regret visiting this place. On the contrary, you will come back once again to enjoy its beauty.