Fun Facts about Cruise Ships

One awe-aspiring way to spend a vacation is to get on a cruise ship. One unique thing about cruise ships is their size. They are fully equipped that you can spend months in one and never lack anything. Did you know that they even have morgues? Yes, and there are more fun facts about them that you may have never heard about.

For example my friend told me some stuff about Cruise Ship plumbing systems that I did not need to know about and I won’t be sharing that information with you either. Instead here are some more of the interesting things that you should know about.

You can be a Permanent Resident in a Cruise Ship

Did you know that you can become a permanent resident at sea? There are cruise ships that give permanent residence and you can be one of them. It’s an interesting way to live life and an opportunity to visit anywhere that cruise ship goes. Considering that in a year that ship will cover close to 90,000 miles, this means that you can visit many places and live at sea as you wish.

There is no 13th Deck in Most Cruise Ships

With the superstition that goes around about number 13, most cruise ships do not include the 13th deck and cabin. It is believed that if this deck is included, there will be bad luck. This is not only used by cruise ships but also in other areas such as no 13th row in flights and floors in skyscrapers. 

There are Gigantic Cruise Ships

Some cruise ships are quite big to a point that the biggest is about four football fields making it about 1,188 ft long. Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship with 20 dining venues, 18 decks, a park with over 10,000 plants and 2,747 staterooms. You will be home away from home. 

There Are On-Board Jails in Some Cruise Ships

If an unruly passenger is aboard the ship, the ship does not have to be re-directed to dock so as to off-load the passenger. Some ships come with on-board jails where they keep unruly passengers before handing them over to the authorities.

There Are Morgues in Some Cruise Ships

Anything could happen while at sea considering that the ship sails for even months on one trip. In case someone passes on while aboard the ship, the crew will not stress over where to hold the body. For this reason, some and most of the cruise ships have a morgue inside that can hold a few bodies.

There are AA Meetings in Most cruise ships

Most large cruise lines offer Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings aboard. The benefit of this is that it does not only help addicts recover, but they also do it in a fun way. They travel and make new friends.