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Why Traveling in Australia is An Exciting Encounter

Nowadays, you hear of almost everyone traveling or planning to visit Australia. Is traveling to Australia worth it or is it just a fad? Well, it depends on the reason that drives you to consider whether the country is worth your money and time.

For a fact, Australia is one unique country in its own caliber, the one you cannot compare with worldwide. There is a lot you can learn from this country and for you to cover every part, probably you plan to stay there over three months. Australia in terms of size is the 6th largest in the world and that size is bigger than European countries combined. And don’t forget, it has less population approximately 2.6 people/ kilometer. If your idea is to visit cities, I guarantee you nothing much you will be able to see differently, especially if you have covered some other countries in the past.


If you have water phobia or maybe don’t know how to swim believe you me this country’s beaches are irresistible. It’s rather you dip your feet, back on the shore, enjoy the view, and click photos. That’s a souvenir enough to show your friends and none will have an idea you never got immersed to taste the feel of Pacific and Indian Oceans which surrounds the country.

There are numerous beaches and during summer they are fully packed with tourists coming from every corner of the world. So, if you plan to enjoy the most out of the beaches, plan to travel low season as it’s cost effective, and you will have time to capture every detail without a struggle.

There is a number of them, likes of Moone beach, Turquoise Bay, Maslin beach, Shelly beach, among others. Out of all, there is only one beach that stands out, Cossies beach. This one is named after Sir Peter Cosgrove, 26th general governor of Australia, and without even asking, the view is breathtaking and inviting from the onset.

Kangaroo Island

For any visitor going to Australia, their journey is never complete without taking a sight of kangaroo. Kangaroo Island is situated on the south part of Australia. A third of the island is a nature reserve for wildlife. If it is your first time to see a kangaroo, you will also find sea lion, likes of koalas, and a lot of beautiful views to enjoy unique sceneries. While on the island the feeling is different, you can’t imagine covering such a huge tract full of national parks breathing fresh and natural air.

Kings Canyon

This place lies between Uluru and Alice Springs in Watarrka Nation Park. Be ready to experience the looks of tall red rocks which are believed to have happened millions ago through cracks. For you to advantageously, capture a good view of the Canyon, just climb up on top though it is a little bit tough going up for a period of 3 to 4 hours.

There are numerous ways you can enjoy your time around the place, either walking on foot for one on one encounter with nature, using touring vans, or on a Camel back which takes more time before reaching your expected destination.

Blue Mountains

For bush lovers, this is a place you should not miss and encounter nature which looks as if the blue paint was poured on top of the vegetation around. The road towards the mountain which is accessed from Sydney side either by road or rail is always busy with tourists going up and down to have a moment.

At the vantage point where everyone likes to take a good view. Any day, the place is noisy with camera clicks doing the talking. Along the way, you will find hotels and restaurants inviting you with a strong aroma of local cuisine. Australia should be in your “to do list” if you have never visited before.