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Marvel at Sydney Harbour’s Beauty

Sydney Harbour is an amazing place. Home to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House which are known worldwide. In fact these 2 famous landmarks often lead to the confusion that Sydney is the capital of Australia. This is not the case. It is actually Canberra that is the capital of Australia.

Nonetheless Sydney’s Harbour is simply magnificent. Rich in blue water there is often a buzz of boats, ferries, ships and cruise-liners in and out of the harbour. This aerial view of the harbour gives a view that is often never seen by tourists or locals alike. Unless of couse you can afford to take a helicopter tour of the harbour.

The next best way to view the harbour is by being on the water. Sydney Ferries operates a public transport service that travel all around the harbour. The most common trips for tourists include Darling Harbour (located in the heart of the city)  to Manly. Manly is located on the north side of Sydney itself. The other is the Parramatta ferry which runs underneath the harbour bridge and all the way up the Parramatta river to the growing city of Paramatta.

If you are ever in Sydney you need to come down to the harbour to check out the beautiful waters. There are also a few beaches scattered in the harbour where you can swim and sunbake however due to no waves getting into the harbour it is not recommended to go out too far as there are sharks in the waters.

If you want to go for a surf or swim where there are breaking waves and less chance of sharks then check out the city beaches. On the Manly side you have a great choice spread out on the Nothern Beaches including Palm Beach, Avalon, Avoca, Mosman and Manly. Then on the southern side of Sydney Harbour you have the famous Bondi Beach, Bronte, Coogee and Maroubra amongst others.