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Spoil Yourself with a Limo Ride to Experience Sydney Waters

Sydney has many great places to experience blue waters. Being situated right on the east coast, Sydney enjoys the awesome waters of the Pacific Ocean reaching the shores and coming into the harbour. Sydney is also home to Botany Bay which is where the First Fleet landed back in 1788. This was the discovery of Australia.

Although not the first discovery as Aborigines had been living in Oz for thousands of years prior but we will save that story for another day.

So if you are arriving in Sydney as a visitor you need a method of transport to see all the beautiful waters. By far the best choice is hiring a limousine. Note that I did not say the cheapest, but the best. I mean this is what the rich and famous do – get chauffeured around in luxury.

When you travel in a limo you get to experience modern features and facilities that many cars just do not have. And plus the room that is available in a stretch limo. You can even fit up to 20 people in the largest models.

I have tried it once and it was an unforgettable experience. The car itself was a black stretch limo and I was with a large group. Most people get put off by the price but in a large group the cost is split and it was very affordable. Anyway when you have a ride in a limo you too will understand how amazing it is.

Of course there are other modes of transport that you could use to get around. If you want to hire a car or you live in Sydney and have your own car then sure they are options. The challenges with these options are that you have to concentrate on the traffic conditions and you can’t really enjoy yourself. Compare that to having a drink with your friends in the back of stretch limousine and you can see which one is the best option.

If you are in Sydney for a short time you really need to check out Sydney Harbour and you could even get a ferry up the Parramatta river. This a fantastic way to see the blue waters of Sydney from the water itself. You could also catch a ferry from Darling Harbour to Manly to see the heart of the Harbour. Or get a boat to take you out past the Sydney Harbour heads.

Up the coast of the North Shore there are plenty of great beaches and waterways to check out. The convenience of a chauffeured limousine is that you can arrange the driver to meet you anywhere and take you to the next destination. Perfect if you are getting on a ferry to random location. You can have a look around and you chauffeur can meet you there.

South of the North Shore beaches are the Eastern Suburbs beaches with the famous Bondi Beach. This is truly a world famous beach and attracts many visitors to see what all the fuss is about. On a hot day the beach is packed. On these occasions it can be hard to find a place to set down your towel and have a lay on the beach to work on your tan. But if you are lucky enough to get down there on a weekday most people are at work so you can score it nearly empty.

The surf at Bondi can be different all the time. In winter with the clouds overhead and large surf the water will be dark blue and not be very inviting. However surfers will love it and get out there on their surfboards. If there is not much swell around and the sun is shining bright the water can be the opposite and can be quite clear with a natural clear blue colour. If you get the chance to experience Bondi like this you are lucky! Make the most of it.

Bondi Beach

The Sydney coast and waterways are simply brilliant and a must to check out. When you arrive in Sydney consider a limousine as a mode of transport. While it might not be cost effective to use a chauffeured limousine service the entire time you are staying there you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost for a day of travel. Either way by incorporating a limo ride as part of your Sydney experience you will make that part of the journey simply amazing.


Pacific Ocean

On the beautiful East Coast of Australia you will find the Pacific Ocean.

Now the Pacific Ocean is huge – in fact it is the largest ocean in the world. Stretching all the way from the west coast of the USA, Central and South America to the East Coast of Australia and to the Indonesian Islands, Japan and China in the North.

Contained in the middle of the Pacific is crazily deep water. I mean the human population hasn’t even been to all of the bottom sections! Its unbelievable but true.

Of course there are heaps of Islands in the middle of the pacific such as the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and many many more. The waters on these Islands is breathtaking. Real paradise.

When most people think of Australia’s East coast they forget that it is these same waters – the Pacific Ocean that reaches our shores. Most of Australia’s east coast is dark blue and green like a typical beach coastline.

Think about Bondi Beach. A famous beach no doubt but not the most attractive water. No like the crystal clear waters of Fiji for instance.

However in theĀ far north east coast of Oz you will find some gorgeous beach locations. Places like the Whitsundays is where you will find simply amazing crystal clear blue water. I mean some of the photos from these places are simply stunning. You would think they were an exotic location hidden away in some Mediterranean hideaways or Caribbean coast. But no!

Its Australia! Simply stunning.

Oz Pacific Waters

The Pacific Ocean – Just another one of the amazing Blue Waters of Oz.


Welcome to the Blog!

Hello and welcome. You found my awesome new blog.

I will be talking about Australia’s Blue Waters and how amazing they are. Being surrounded by water its hard not to love the water.

So come back to check out my new posts and enjoy the read.