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Fun Facts about Cruise Ships

One awe-aspiring way to spend a vacation is to get on a cruise ship. One unique thing about cruise ships is their size. They are fully equipped that you can spend months in one and never lack anything. Did you know that they even have morgues? Yes, and there are more fun facts about them that you may have never heard about.

For example my friend told me some stuff about Cruise Ship plumbing systems that I did not need to know about and I won’t be sharing that information with you either. Instead here are some more of the interesting things that you should know about.

You can be a Permanent Resident in a Cruise Ship

Did you know that you can become a permanent resident at sea? There are cruise ships that give permanent residence and you can be one of them. It’s an interesting way to live life and an opportunity to visit anywhere that cruise ship goes. Considering that in a year that ship will cover close to 90,000 miles, this means that you can visit many places and live at sea as you wish.

There is no 13th Deck in Most Cruise Ships

With the superstition that goes around about number 13, most cruise ships do not include the 13th deck and cabin. It is believed that if this deck is included, there will be bad luck. This is not only used by cruise ships but also in other areas such as no 13th row in flights and floors in skyscrapers. 

There are Gigantic Cruise Ships

Some cruise ships are quite big to a point that the biggest is about four football fields making it about 1,188 ft long. Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship with 20 dining venues, 18 decks, a park with over 10,000 plants and 2,747 staterooms. You will be home away from home. 

There Are On-Board Jails in Some Cruise Ships

If an unruly passenger is aboard the ship, the ship does not have to be re-directed to dock so as to off-load the passenger. Some ships come with on-board jails where they keep unruly passengers before handing them over to the authorities.

There Are Morgues in Some Cruise Ships

Anything could happen while at sea considering that the ship sails for even months on one trip. In case someone passes on while aboard the ship, the crew will not stress over where to hold the body. For this reason, some and most of the cruise ships have a morgue inside that can hold a few bodies.

There are AA Meetings in Most cruise ships

Most large cruise lines offer Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings aboard. The benefit of this is that it does not only help addicts recover, but they also do it in a fun way. They travel and make new friends.


Going on a Cruise as a Single Passenger

Although traveling as a lone passenger can be fun, it will not be as fun as when you have company. Traveling as a single passenger on a cruise is not easy either as most people come with friends or loved ones. Most cruise lines are also designed to accommodate people who travel in pairs.

  • It is Expensive

Traveling as a single passenger on a cruise ship is expensive. This is especially when it comes to the stateroom. Unlike hotel rooms where you find rooms for single occupancy, things are different with staterooms. They are designed for single occupancy meaning that you will either pay a partial fare for the second person or pay two fares. This depends on your cruise line.

  • It Will Not be as Fun

There are excursions, eateries, clubs and activities that you will engage in during your cruise. You may not have much fun just like you would if you had a cruise buddy. When you share the experience with someone, it will be better. You will not fail to go swimming because you do not have company.

Things to do to enjoy a Cruise Alone

Although traveling alone on a cruise is not highly recommended, it does not mean that you should not do it. There are several things that you can do to ensure your experience is worthwhile.

  • Participate in Activities

The good thing about cruise ships is that there are tons of activities that you can participate in. From trivia, pool games, swimming and karaoke, there are many activities that you can engage in. Ensure that you participate in them and this will be a great way not only to kill boredom, but also to meet new friends.

  • Opt for Set Dining

Set dining is a great way to meet new friends and have a quality time. Having strangers at your table is great since you are also assured of your safety while cruising. This will be better than going for the flexible dining options.

  • Enjoy Your Time

It is important that you appreciate yourself. Have fun with yourself and appreciate every moment during your vacation. It’s a good time to be alone and to appreciate the person that you are. See how you can manage it on your own. Having your own time is important for a quality life as you get more time to learn about yourself.


Escape in Australia with a Murray River Cruise

Murray RiverThere are several tour operators that have different vessels operating on the Murray river and cruises are designed round them. Day tours from Adelaide to the Murray River for cruising are additionally obtainable. Dinner cruises can be found through the warmer months, while lunch cruises function most days. Typically, Murray River Cruises depart from Mannum a port on the Murray River close to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

The Murray River Run provides a sequence of 4 to 8 day seasonal cruises along the size of the Murray River between Goolwa in South Australia and Albury, New South Wales. River cruises can be as luxurious as sea or ocean cruises. The Murray River is Australia’s longest river.

You would go for a paddle steamer tour or a smaller boat tour. The four night Murray River cruise allows passengers to discover the sweetness, history and tradition of the Murray River between Mannum and Blanchetown, South Australia. Then on Sunday there are household barbecue lunch cruises which embody a barbecue buffet lunch served on board.

Lunch is a scrumptious buffet with recent local produce, served because the Murray Expedition cruises downstream. Benefit from the scenic drive from Adelaide in a coach or bus. The four night Murray River cruise allows passengers to find the wonder, historical past and culture of the Murray River between Mannum and Blanchetown.

Some Murray River cruises concentrate on the wildlife on this wetlands area. River Murray Cruises are between two and 7 days in length. Our cruise on the Murray River was extra informal and provided a much completely different expertise.

The Murray River is on of probably the most stunning holiday locations in South Australia. Step into South Australia with Adelaide festivals or a go to to the Adelaide Hills. But multi-day cruises on it are operated by English Holiday Cruises.

You’ll be able to beat the serenity of a river cruise on the Murray River. After a hearty breakfast, be a part of a guided tour of the historic landmarks and native attractions of Murray Bridge. Mandurah Cruises photographers could also be current on cruises, tours, functions and charters and will take images which can be utilized in advertising materials produced by Mandurah Cruises. Cruise choices embody regular weekend cruises as well as twilight, barbecue, dinner and academic cruises. Be a part of the journey tour on the Murray River.

Some supply 5 evening cruises whereas others offer weekend or two night time tour. Cruising the Murray River on one of the longer cruises gives you a possibility to experience Aboriginal culture.
Passengers can lengthen to a seven evening cruise and visit the area between Walkers Flat and Murray Bridge, together with a tour to Barossa Valley and its wineries.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail