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Enjoying a Relaxing Swim in the Florida Swimming Holes

Florida, a beautiful state to be in is home to plenty of swimming holes where you can cool off the heat in summer. Some of the most beautiful beaches are found here but you get to have a new and exciting experience in a swimming hole. Where are these swimming holes located? They are spread out in different locations across the state. 

Head to the Wakulla Springs

If you want to have a totally new experience, head to the Wakulla Springs. You will be seeing one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world. At the springs located near Tallahassee, you can dive if you wish and you can watch swimmers as they cool off the heat from the observational platform. 

Fanning Springs State Park

If you are looking for a swimming hole where you can have fun as the entire family, you should head to Fanning Springs State Park. What makes it perfect for the entire family is the fact that the water temperature remains at 72 degrees and has a shallow area for the kids. By just looking at its blue waters, you will want to jump into this natural swimming pool along River Suwannee. 

Madison Blue Spring State Park

The springs are perfect for swimming and although cave diving is allowed here, you must be certified. Cave diving comes with its own dangers and you do not want to risk your life. The swimming is scenic giving you peace of mind and relaxation surrounded by nature. The waters are crystal clear and it’s surrounded by breathtaking woodlands. Most people combine a picnic and swimming when they get to Madison Blue Spring State Park. 

Ponce De Leon Springs State Park

If you will be swimming the entire day and you do not want to carry snacks with you, the Ponce de Leon is a perfect swimming hole for you as there is a restaurant nearby. It was named after a Spanish conquistador just in case you are wondering about the name. You get to see the Old Spanish Sugar Mill when at the pool. Its deepest end is at 30feet and it’s located in the Volusia County of Florida. 

Wekiwa Springs State Park

When looking for a swimming hole with a car park, you should head to the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Sitting on a 7,000-acre piece of land and having crystal clear waters, the springs will leave you with the urge to swim more.


Why you should opt for a Concrete Swimming Pool

For the construction of residential swimming pools, homeowners have a range of materials to choose from. While some go for fiberglass materials, there are others who will prefer a concrete swimming pool. It all depends on preferences. Despite this, one should consider materials that are durable as this determines how long the swimming pool will serve you without issues. Concrete is one of these materials that is also versatile in terms of design.

You can install a Large Swimming Pool

With concrete as the swimming pool material, you will not be worried about the size. You can install a deep and large swimming pool unlike when you use materials such as fiber glass. The material is sturdy for any size of a pool.

Concrete is Versatile in Terms of Designs

Another advantage of installing a concrete swimming pool is that you have a wide range of designs that you can choose from. You probably have a home theme, you can easily incorporate that with this kind of a pool. Whether you want a unique design or the common shapes, it’s easy to make out any design.

You are guaranteed of a Solid Construction

Imagine having a pool installed and within a few months, it’s already in a poor condition. Installing a swimming pool requires a lot of money and that is the reason you require a solid construction that will serve you for a long time to come. It’s not easy for a concrete swimming pool to lose its structural integrity unless there is a major damage. It might be expensive during installation, but it will save you money in the long run.

A Concrete Swimming Pool will boost the Curb Appeal

When you have something durable in the compound of your home that has an amazing design and is functional at the same time, you boost the curb appeal of your home. It shows that you value your home and even if you were to sell it, this would enhance its value.

Despite concrete being the most durable material for your swimming pool, it’s important to ensure that you work with a certified company for the installation. This is because such a company will follow the standards of construction and even give advice on various things. They also know what design will be compatible with your home and give you maintenance tips.


Crystal Clear Water for Your Very Own Pool


Does your pool have a crystal clear blue colour? You know the colour I am talking about. When you see a picture perfect pool and the water is so crystal clear with a deep blue colour. You swear that the water looks good enough to drink! But of course you never would. We all know that pools have chemicals in the water to prevent it from getting contaminated.

The worst enemy for a pool is the dreaded algae. A type of organism that creates your pool to change colour and take on the dreaded green tinge. Left untreated algae can quickly take over your pool and change it to a dark green and then even black colour. Apart from being unsightly the algae that grows in pool water is also dangerous and should not be consumed. Not that you would ever drink pool water intentionally. No matter how crystal clear it looked. Right? I hope not! But even so when swimming and jumping in and out of a pool it can be easy for water to get in your mouth and you can inadvertently consume some. Obviously in small amounts such as this you are perfectly safe. But when there are algae and other contaminates in the water you could be putting your health in jeopardy.

So how do you keep your pool safe from the dreaded algae and take on that crystal clear colour? Well you need to take care of it for starters. Your pool is a mass of liquid that needs special care to stay healthy. Especially when you intend to have yourself and other humans jumping in and out of it whenever you desire. Simple pool equipment such as a pump ensure that the water is moving during certain parts of the day as would happen in the real world. Think of a river or the ocean. Water is constantly moving which prevents algae growing. Hot motionless water is the perfect breading ground for algae and that is why you see algae growths in lakes other masses of still water.

So you have your pump set to move the water around in your pool but you can’t rely on this alone. For one it is way too expensive and noisy to keep your pool pump running all day and night. So you also need to create the right chemical balance in your pool water to prevent algae build-up. So how do you do this? Well it depends on what style of pool you have – either a saltwater or chlorine pool. Funnily enough a salt water pool has a device called a chlorinator which actually produces chlorine for the pool to aid in keeping it clean. To summarise you need chlorine in your pool to keep the algae and another nasties away. However putting too much chlorine in your pool can be disadvantageous too. For one it can sting your skin or eyes and can even bleach your swimming costumes!

So all in all you need to take care of your pool to ensure that it stays crystal clear blue colour. While we have touched on the topic of chlorine and using the pump to move your pool water around these are only 2 components of your pool waters crystal clear blue colour. To maintain this for your own pool will require lots of research and possibly trial and error on your part to get the right maintenance program in place for your pool. Also don’t forget to adjust your schedule in winter and summer when the pool water needs more care due to the heat.

All seems too much? That’s fine too. You can always simply call the pool professionals. An experienced and qualified pool service technician can assist you in getting your pool water to that crystal clear colour and keeping it that way all year round. It will obviously cost you for this service but at least you don’t have to waste your time investigating any issues and your pool will be ready to use whenever you want it. Finally you can have the swimming pool of the rich and famous!