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Spoil Yourself with a Limo Ride to Experience Sydney Waters

Sydney has many great places to experience blue waters. Being situated right on the east coast, Sydney enjoys the awesome waters of the Pacific Ocean reaching the shores and coming into the harbour. Sydney is also home to Botany Bay which is where the First Fleet landed back in 1788. This was the discovery of Australia.

Although not the first discovery as Aborigines had been living in Oz for thousands of years prior but we will save that story for another day.

So if you are arriving in Sydney as a visitor you need a method of transport to see all the beautiful waters. By far the best choice is hiring a limousine. Note that I did not say the cheapest, but the best. I mean this is what the rich and famous do – get chauffeured around in luxury.

When you travel in a limo you get to experience modern features and facilities that many cars just do not have. And plus the room that is available in a stretch limo. You can even fit up to 20 people in the largest models.

I have tried it once and it was an unforgettable experience. The car itself was a black stretch limo and I was with a large group. Most people get put off by the price but in a large group the cost is split and it was very affordable. Anyway when you have a ride in a limo you too will understand how amazing it is.

Of course there are other modes of transport that you could use to get around. If you want to hire a car or you live in Sydney and have your own car then sure they are options. The challenges with these options are that you have to concentrate on the traffic conditions and you can’t really enjoy yourself. Compare that to having a drink with your friends in the back of stretch limousine and you can see which one is the best option.

If you are in Sydney for a short time you really need to check out Sydney Harbour and you could even get a ferry up the Parramatta river. This a fantastic way to see the blue waters of Sydney from the water itself. You could also catch a ferry from Darling Harbour to Manly to see the heart of the Harbour. Or get a boat to take you out past the Sydney Harbour heads.

Up the coast of the North Shore there are plenty of great beaches and waterways to check out. The convenience of a chauffeured limousine is that you can arrange the driver to meet you anywhere and take you to the next destination. Perfect if you are getting on a ferry to random location. You can have a look around and you chauffeur can meet you there.

South of the North Shore beaches are the Eastern Suburbs beaches with the famous Bondi Beach. This is truly a world famous beach and attracts many visitors to see what all the fuss is about. On a hot day the beach is packed. On these occasions it can be hard to find a place to set down your towel and have a lay on the beach to work on your tan. But if you are lucky enough to get down there on a weekday most people are at work so you can score it nearly empty.

The surf at Bondi can be different all the time. In winter with the clouds overhead and large surf the water will be dark blue and not be very inviting. However surfers will love it and get out there on their surfboards. If there is not much swell around and the sun is shining bright the water can be the opposite and can be quite clear with a natural clear blue colour. If you get the chance to experience Bondi like this you are lucky! Make the most of it.

Bondi Beach

The Sydney coast and waterways are simply brilliant and a must to check out. When you arrive in Sydney consider a limousine as a mode of transport. While it might not be cost effective to use a chauffeured limousine service the entire time you are staying there you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost for a day of travel. Either way by incorporating a limo ride as part of your Sydney experience you will make that part of the journey simply amazing.


Fun Facts about Cruise Ships

One awe-aspiring way to spend a vacation is to get on a cruise ship. One unique thing about cruise ships is their size. They are fully equipped that you can spend months in one and never lack anything. Did you know that they even have morgues? Yes, and there are more fun facts about them that you may have never heard about.

For example my friend told me some stuff about Cruise Ship plumbing systems that I did not need to know about and I won’t be sharing that information with you either. Instead here are some more of the interesting things that you should know about.

You can be a Permanent Resident in a Cruise Ship

Did you know that you can become a permanent resident at sea? There are cruise ships that give permanent residence and you can be one of them. It’s an interesting way to live life and an opportunity to visit anywhere that cruise ship goes. Considering that in a year that ship will cover close to 90,000 miles, this means that you can visit many places and live at sea as you wish.

There is no 13th Deck in Most Cruise Ships

With the superstition that goes around about number 13, most cruise ships do not include the 13th deck and cabin. It is believed that if this deck is included, there will be bad luck. This is not only used by cruise ships but also in other areas such as no 13th row in flights and floors in skyscrapers. 

There are Gigantic Cruise Ships

Some cruise ships are quite big to a point that the biggest is about four football fields making it about 1,188 ft long. Harmony of the Seas is the largest cruise ship with 20 dining venues, 18 decks, a park with over 10,000 plants and 2,747 staterooms. You will be home away from home. 

There Are On-Board Jails in Some Cruise Ships

If an unruly passenger is aboard the ship, the ship does not have to be re-directed to dock so as to off-load the passenger. Some ships come with on-board jails where they keep unruly passengers before handing them over to the authorities.

There Are Morgues in Some Cruise Ships

Anything could happen while at sea considering that the ship sails for even months on one trip. In case someone passes on while aboard the ship, the crew will not stress over where to hold the body. For this reason, some and most of the cruise ships have a morgue inside that can hold a few bodies.

There are AA Meetings in Most cruise ships

Most large cruise lines offer Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings aboard. The benefit of this is that it does not only help addicts recover, but they also do it in a fun way. They travel and make new friends.


Some of the Most Stunning harbors to Visit in the World

Harbors are beautiful but there are those that are uniquely stunning. Regardless of whether you love watersports or just sunbathing, these harbors have something for everyone. They are full of activities and stunning views to enjoy.

Rio de Janeiro Harbor in Brazil

This is one of the most spectacular harbors that you can visit not only in South America but also across the globe.  What makes it stunning is its balloon-shaped appearance, the brilliantly shaped mountains, and the white sandy beaches. Whether you want to trek the dramatic mountains and the national parks around the attraction or you want to engage in watersports activities, the Rio de Janeiro harbor is a place for everyone.

Sydney Harbor in Australia

The Sydney Harbor is not famous just because it’s in Sydney, it has earned its place in being one of the most stunning. Glistening like diamonds in summer, the harbor is full of activities and festivals. Untouched bushland surrounds the harbor that has small bays and inlets. What makes it more spectacular is the iconic Opera house and the Harbor Bridge.

The Stockholm Harbor in Sweden

When planning a holiday to Sweden, Stockholm Harbor should be one of the places to visit. The recreation area of the island chain in the archipelago is a perfect place for this. The Royal Palace can be seen from the harbor and this is just one of the grand buildings around. In addition to this, you can visit one of the parks that line the shores of the Stockholm harbor and engage in various activities.

Vancouver Harbor in Canada

The harbor gives you spectacular views of the city center which is surrounded by parks including the famous Stanley Park and mountains. It’s located in the city which makes it a perfect spot when in Vancouver. The best time to explore what the beautiful harbor has to offer is in autumn.

Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

You are in for a treat when you get to experience the stunning views across Victoria Harbor. The towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong on both sides of the harbor makes it even more stunning. This has been a crucial trading port for years. To have a better experience of the harbor besides taking a walk, you can board a ferry from Hong Kong to Kowloon.

Each harbor across the globe has something unique about it. From the famous Sydney harbor, Rio de Janeiro, Victoria to Vancouver harbor, you will enjoy every moment of your experience. 


Enjoying a Relaxing Swim in the Florida Swimming Holes

Florida, a beautiful state to be in is home to plenty of swimming holes where you can cool off the heat in summer. Some of the most beautiful beaches are found here but you get to have a new and exciting experience in a swimming hole. Where are these swimming holes located? They are spread out in different locations across the state. 

Head to the Wakulla Springs

If you want to have a totally new experience, head to the Wakulla Springs. You will be seeing one of the largest and deepest freshwater springs in the world. At the springs located near Tallahassee, you can dive if you wish and you can watch swimmers as they cool off the heat from the observational platform. 

Fanning Springs State Park

If you are looking for a swimming hole where you can have fun as the entire family, you should head to Fanning Springs State Park. What makes it perfect for the entire family is the fact that the water temperature remains at 72 degrees and has a shallow area for the kids. By just looking at its blue waters, you will want to jump into this natural swimming pool along River Suwannee. 

Madison Blue Spring State Park

The springs are perfect for swimming and although cave diving is allowed here, you must be certified. Cave diving comes with its own dangers and you do not want to risk your life. The swimming is scenic giving you peace of mind and relaxation surrounded by nature. The waters are crystal clear and it’s surrounded by breathtaking woodlands. Most people combine a picnic and swimming when they get to Madison Blue Spring State Park. 

Ponce De Leon Springs State Park

If you will be swimming the entire day and you do not want to carry snacks with you, the Ponce de Leon is a perfect swimming hole for you as there is a restaurant nearby. It was named after a Spanish conquistador just in case you are wondering about the name. You get to see the Old Spanish Sugar Mill when at the pool. Its deepest end is at 30feet and it’s located in the Volusia County of Florida. 

Wekiwa Springs State Park

When looking for a swimming hole with a car park, you should head to the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Sitting on a 7,000-acre piece of land and having crystal clear waters, the springs will leave you with the urge to swim more.


Why you should opt for a Concrete Swimming Pool

For the construction of residential swimming pools, homeowners have a range of materials to choose from. While some go for fiberglass materials, there are others who will prefer a concrete swimming pool. It all depends on preferences. Despite this, one should consider materials that are durable as this determines how long the swimming pool will serve you without issues. Concrete is one of these materials that is also versatile in terms of design.

You can install a Large Swimming Pool

With concrete as the swimming pool material, you will not be worried about the size. You can install a deep and large swimming pool unlike when you use materials such as fiber glass. The material is sturdy for any size of a pool.

Concrete is Versatile in Terms of Designs

Another advantage of installing a concrete swimming pool is that you have a wide range of designs that you can choose from. You probably have a home theme, you can easily incorporate that with this kind of a pool. Whether you want a unique design or the common shapes, it’s easy to make out any design.

You are guaranteed of a Solid Construction

Imagine having a pool installed and within a few months, it’s already in a poor condition. Installing a swimming pool requires a lot of money and that is the reason you require a solid construction that will serve you for a long time to come. It’s not easy for a concrete swimming pool to lose its structural integrity unless there is a major damage. It might be expensive during installation, but it will save you money in the long run.

A Concrete Swimming Pool will boost the Curb Appeal

When you have something durable in the compound of your home that has an amazing design and is functional at the same time, you boost the curb appeal of your home. It shows that you value your home and even if you were to sell it, this would enhance its value.

Despite concrete being the most durable material for your swimming pool, it’s important to ensure that you work with a certified company for the installation. This is because such a company will follow the standards of construction and even give advice on various things. They also know what design will be compatible with your home and give you maintenance tips.


Going on a Cruise as a Single Passenger

Although traveling as a lone passenger can be fun, it will not be as fun as when you have company. Traveling as a single passenger on a cruise is not easy either as most people come with friends or loved ones. Most cruise lines are also designed to accommodate people who travel in pairs.

  • It is Expensive

Traveling as a single passenger on a cruise ship is expensive. This is especially when it comes to the stateroom. Unlike hotel rooms where you find rooms for single occupancy, things are different with staterooms. They are designed for single occupancy meaning that you will either pay a partial fare for the second person or pay two fares. This depends on your cruise line.

  • It Will Not be as Fun

There are excursions, eateries, clubs and activities that you will engage in during your cruise. You may not have much fun just like you would if you had a cruise buddy. When you share the experience with someone, it will be better. You will not fail to go swimming because you do not have company.

Things to do to enjoy a Cruise Alone

Although traveling alone on a cruise is not highly recommended, it does not mean that you should not do it. There are several things that you can do to ensure your experience is worthwhile.

  • Participate in Activities

The good thing about cruise ships is that there are tons of activities that you can participate in. From trivia, pool games, swimming and karaoke, there are many activities that you can engage in. Ensure that you participate in them and this will be a great way not only to kill boredom, but also to meet new friends.

  • Opt for Set Dining

Set dining is a great way to meet new friends and have a quality time. Having strangers at your table is great since you are also assured of your safety while cruising. This will be better than going for the flexible dining options.

  • Enjoy Your Time

It is important that you appreciate yourself. Have fun with yourself and appreciate every moment during your vacation. It’s a good time to be alone and to appreciate the person that you are. See how you can manage it on your own. Having your own time is important for a quality life as you get more time to learn about yourself.


Cities that Are a Must Visit in Australia

Despite a huge percentage of Australia is a desert, the country which is also a continent has plenty to offer. The country boasts more than 10,000 beaches and has some of the longest rivers in the world.

There are so many reasons the country is considered a major travel destination. From its rivers, beaches, historic sites, museums, and landscapes, it suits a travel destination for every preference. There are different cities that you can visit.


Sydney is probably the most famous city in the continent to a point that many believe it is the capital. It offers an amazing experience for beach and history lovers.

It is home to museums, the famous Opera House, important buildings, Darling Harbour, Taronga Zoo, the Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Royal Botanic Gardens among other attractions. To learn more about the locals, you can join in one of the festivals held in the city.


A city with cultural diversity and a haven for history lovers, Canberra is another beautiful city in the country. Whether you are adventurous or just curious, you will love the city for what it has to offer. Located between Melbourne and Sydney, the capital city of Australia is home to the Australian War Memorial, the New Parliament House, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, the National Gallery of Australia among others. There are also recreational activities and restaurants to enjoy the Australian cuisine.


If you are wondering what attracts travelers to Perth, then you should know that the “City of Light’ never runs out of things to offer. There are wildlife parks, islands, zoo, and museums. Its rich historical and cultural heritage makes the city a must visit when you are in Western Australia.


The “City of Churches” is a spectacular Southern Australia city. Besides the churches, you can engage in other amazing activities such as discovering wine, watching animals at the Gorge Wildlife Park or Cleland Conservation Park, touring the Kangaroo Island, cruise the Murray River which is one of the longest in the country, visit the zoo, spend time at the stunning beaches and even go on a gastronomic tour.


Melbourne, the capital of Victoria has a spectacular beauty. It’s a city that offers a unique lifestyle; you can enjoy the Great Ocean Road trip, go on a river cruise, a city tour and even have a meal at the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. As you walk along the streets, you will see some street artwork in some places as you admire the historical buildings.


You should know few things before packing your bags for travel Australia

Before gathering your packs Check the Weather:

Australia is huge as far as size. The season you decide for your excursion depends vigorously on what part of the nation you’re flying out to.

Australia Customs Laws read Carefully:

Australia is exceptionally specific about what they let you bring into the nation. Nourishment, including leafy foods, meat, and eggs, isn’t allowed. You are likewise banned from acquiring plants, seeds, skins, and quills. Laws likewise deny you from acquiring drugs, weapons, guns and ensured natural life.

Everything can murder you yet it wouldn’t:

Venomous snakes. Box Jellyfish. Sharks. Snakes. Arachnids. And so on and Australia has it. On the off chance that one thing everybody thinks about Australia, it’s various executioner creatures sneaking on the island, But Australia doesn’t generally merit its ‘lethal’ notoriety. A large portion of these creature’s assault just when they are scared. In this way, you can unwind.

There’s a gap in the ozone layer.

Regardless of the possibility that you have never at any point thought of Sun Cream in your life, wear one while on your excursion here. Notwithstanding when Australia doesn’t appear that hot, the sun is wild.

Melbourne is flighty

Perpetual shorelines and bright days for forever are likely the primary things that spring to your psyche. While this island has a lot of those, it can get entirely cold as well – particularly in the South in the winter. Melbourne is eccentric – Summers can be greatly sweltering however amid winters the temperature can dive beneath the 10-degree stamp.

In Sydney, the days are hotter yet the evenings are frigid.

In Perth, the winter temperatures normal around 17 degrees.

Liquor isn’t sold in grocery stores in Australia, yet rather in particular jug shops (Dan Murphy’s). They additionally have strict laws in a dance club, where shots aren’t sold after 11 pm and twofold spirits are entirely not permitted.

Espresso is a religion in Australia

Melbourne has an adoration illicit relationship with latte and cappuccino and accordingly has legitimately earned the title of espresso capital because of its plenty of age-old and built up bistros. Aussies are gregarious individuals and will converse with you about anything. They once in a while miss an opportunity to state ‘greetings’ to an outsider in the city. 19. Tim Tams are delightful:

You will need to bring home these chocolaty delights. Envision layers of chocolate malted scone sandwiching a chocolate cream filling, plunged in a thin layer of chocolate (I am as yet longing for them) I am not even a chocolate individual and I got many these.

Never depend on the climate estimate, be set up for anything.

Pies, here are not sweet. Rather, they have meat in them, and you can discover them on each square at the chain bistro, “Pie Face.”

Entirely took after the street security administers in Australia

On the off chance that you get got notwithstanding holding a telephone while driving in Australia, you go to imprison. The nation gives heaps of accentuation to street wellbeing. Just cross the street when the lights go greens (this lead is appropriate even with the small avenues you cross). Their crisis number is 000 and not 911 just on the off chance that you experience any issue. Aussies abbreviate most words, have beautiful slang terms and love to utilize a great deal of rhyming slang. We had a 3-year-old child in the house. In this way, I thought we were talking his dialect. Turns out the whole nation was talking here dialect.


Longest Rivers in Australia

Australia is a wonderful travel destination because it has a vast array of wildlife, beautiful sceneries and much more. One significant thing about Australia is its rivers. The focus of this article is going to be on the longest rivers in Australia. Over the years the rivers in Australia has played a very important role in the social, ecological and economic condition of Australia as a whole.


The Murray is basically the longest river in Australia. It stretches for some 1,558 miles. Unlike any other river, the Murray has a very rich history. A group of people known as aboriginal has relied on this river for sustenance for a long time. This river has been of cultural importance to the people around it. The river Murray was discovered by explorers in the year 1824, after which it was used for irrigation, navigation and water supply.

Today the Murray is home to a lot of dams so as to control water quantity as well as quality during times of flooding or drought. Social and recreational activities are popular with this river. Some popular faunal that reside in the basin of this region are – turtles, koalas, lizards and so on.

Over the years the salinity of this river has increased due to the impact of climate change.


This river is a tributary of the Murray River and it extends for some 994 miles along the Australian Alps. This river has a very strong historical importance. Over the years it has provided water and food for people around it. The river also helps to facilitate the settlement of Europeans back in the days. The rivers presently sustain a lot of swamps, tributaries, and wetlands which has a huge economic significance.

Today, the river supports the agricultural and tourism sector in the region. It is also used in the generation of power. This river is home to lots of marine organisms which include: Murray cod, crayfish, Australian smelt and many more.

Bulloo River

This is the third largest river in Australia. It stretches for about 982 miles. The Bulloo has a huge ecological significance. There are a lot of creatures that depend on this river for substance. Over the years the river has been protected by the Idalia national park.

Final note

The rivers in Australia have had a major impact in the tourism industry. Even more, it sustains the various fauna in the area.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

The Importance of Commercial Diving in Australia

As you know Australia is surrounded by water. This opens up plenty of requirements for construction and maintenance in and around the water. But completing this work cannot be done by any tom, dick or harry. You need a specialist in this field.

The specialist you will be requiring is a commercial diver. These marine experts handle all sorts of underwater construction projects. The job of being a commercial diver is not silly instead dangerous! Protecting the environment and marine life is the primary concern for everyone so hiring a commercial diving expert is essential in maintaining the marine life.

Different types of commercial divers

There are different areas where commercial diving is applicable such as:

Onshore commercial divers:

They are the divers who are experts in everything to do with construction and maintenance of structures onshore, or need the land. Constructing dams and bridges over waterways such as rivers, lakes etc. are just some of the projects that they handle. Onshore commercial divers also specialise in marine survey.

Offshore commercial divers:

They are the divers who are keen experts in building up of underwater structures, especially for the oil and gas field industries, as these tend to be off the land (shore) and out in the deep ocean. This job is both crucial and hazardous. Also much care is needed to protect the existing marine life and environment. Maintaining the marine structures preventing oil spills and leakages are efficiently done by these well-known experts.

Naval commercial divers:

They are the inspectors who do a great inspection of ships and boats to avoid and prevent the dangers associated with the chemical and toxic spills into the water. This protects the water, marine life and other habitats under the water. They are doing a great job in inspecting the ships and boats by doing the needful recovery jobs and saving the marine beauty.

The need for commercial divers

It is a vital thing to protect the marine life around us! There are wide possibilities of causing adverse effects on underwater if the marine ah snot properly maintained. Therefore commercial diving is really advantageous in order to avoid the bad impacts on marine life by closely inspecting the ships and boats from leakages.

These may contain different pollutant substances which can accidentally get and can spread to the marine life causing harmful effects. Therefore a close inspection of the ships are very necessary, Taking up and off the loads from the ships should also be done with clear channel and therefore building the necessary bridges and marine structures under the water is also an important step.

It is also an important part in maintaining the underwater beauty by removing the debris’ or the dirty water which has been polluted. This can also be cleaned thoroughly by a commercial diver using proven techniques and equipment.


Breathtaking Places You Must Visit on Your Trip in Australia

Travel is all about discovery, adventure, visiting breathtaking places and reconnect with yourself again. And where can you do all of this, if not Australia?

Australia is one of the most visited tourist attractions and most beloved country with many attractions to visit. According to travelers who’ve been there, once you put your foot on Australian ground, you always come back!

Are you considering to take an Aussie trip in near future? If yes, here are the most amazing places you shouldn’t miss visiting on your trip to Australia!

Visiting the oldest and biggest stylish and vibrant city – Sydney provides an amazing experience for travelers

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and it’s located on the southeastern coast. Sydney has a range of marvelous sun-drenched beaches, botanical gardens, and many popular attractions like the Opera House you can visit. The city is also known for the surfing activities in Bondi Beach, climbing activities on the Sydney Harbor Bridge and sailing across the harbor. Whatever is your passion, Sydney will meet your desires and imagination.

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland offers a one-of-a-kind exhibit of the underwater life

The Great Barrier Reef represents the largest collection of coral reefs in the world with 1,400 miles spanning. It’s that large that’s also visible from space and seen as one of the Seven Natural World Wonders. Visiting this place provides an unforgettable experience including diving and one-of-a-kind exhibition of the underwater kingdom. It’s one of the MUST visit places in Australia.

Ayer’s Rock is one of the most popular Australian landmarks and considered as a sacred rock that’s definitely worth the sight

The Ayer’s Rock is a stunning red rock that stands 1,142 feet above sea level and is located in the Central Australian desert. It’s believed that the rock is sacred and is best known as ‘Uluru’ – Aboriginal name. Visiting this place will make you taste the indigenous culture and is definitely worth the sight. It’s also one of the most admired attractions among tourists.

A heaven slice on earth in Australia – the Gold Coast is a perfect place for surfers and people who love spending quality time on the beach

If you are into the beaches and nature, the Gold Coast is perfect for you! Characterized by the spectacular sandy beaches, forests, hinterland ranges and pleasant citizens, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular destinations.

Here you can find golf courses, luxurious spa resorts, designer boutiques, impressive bars and nightclubs and theme parks. Whatever you can think of, the Gold Coast has it all prepared only for your amusement!

Are you here for the kangaroos? Blue Mountains National Park is the right place for you!

We all know that kangaroos are the protective sign of Australia. Have you always dreamed of seeing a kangaroo? If yes, the Blue Mountains National Park is where you can find kangaroos, kookaburras, parrots and many other beautiful animals. However, that’s not everything this place has to offer.

Surrounded by rainforests, the national park is also the home of the Three Sisters rock formation that will amaze you! The park is pleasant in autumn, charming in winter, turns into a spring rainbow and provides a refreshing summer experience. You won’t  regret visiting this place. On the contrary, you will come back once again to enjoy its beauty.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Why Traveling in Australia is An Exciting Encounter

Nowadays, you hear of almost everyone traveling or planning to visit Australia. Is traveling to Australia worth it or is it just a fad? Well, it depends on the reason that drives you to consider whether the country is worth your money and time.

For a fact, Australia is one unique country in its own caliber, the one you cannot compare with worldwide. There is a lot you can learn from this country and for you to cover every part, probably you plan to stay there over three months. Australia in terms of size is the 6th largest in the world and that size is bigger than European countries combined. And don’t forget, it has less population approximately 2.6 people/ kilometer. If your idea is to visit cities, I guarantee you nothing much you will be able to see differently, especially if you have covered some other countries in the past.


If you have water phobia or maybe don’t know how to swim believe you me this country’s beaches are irresistible. It’s rather you dip your feet, back on the shore, enjoy the view, and click photos. That’s a souvenir enough to show your friends and none will have an idea you never got immersed to taste the feel of Pacific and Indian Oceans which surrounds the country.

There are numerous beaches and during summer they are fully packed with tourists coming from every corner of the world. So, if you plan to enjoy the most out of the beaches, plan to travel low season as it’s cost effective, and you will have time to capture every detail without a struggle.

There is a number of them, likes of Moone beach, Turquoise Bay, Maslin beach, Shelly beach, among others. Out of all, there is only one beach that stands out, Cossies beach. This one is named after Sir Peter Cosgrove, 26th general governor of Australia, and without even asking, the view is breathtaking and inviting from the onset.

Kangaroo Island

For any visitor going to Australia, their journey is never complete without taking a sight of kangaroo. Kangaroo Island is situated on the south part of Australia. A third of the island is a nature reserve for wildlife. If it is your first time to see a kangaroo, you will also find sea lion, likes of koalas, and a lot of beautiful views to enjoy unique sceneries. While on the island the feeling is different, you can’t imagine covering such a huge tract full of national parks breathing fresh and natural air.

Kings Canyon

This place lies between Uluru and Alice Springs in Watarrka Nation Park. Be ready to experience the looks of tall red rocks which are believed to have happened millions ago through cracks. For you to advantageously, capture a good view of the Canyon, just climb up on top though it is a little bit tough going up for a period of 3 to 4 hours.

There are numerous ways you can enjoy your time around the place, either walking on foot for one on one encounter with nature, using touring vans, or on a Camel back which takes more time before reaching your expected destination.

Blue Mountains

For bush lovers, this is a place you should not miss and encounter nature which looks as if the blue paint was poured on top of the vegetation around. The road towards the mountain which is accessed from Sydney side either by road or rail is always busy with tourists going up and down to have a moment.

At the vantage point where everyone likes to take a good view. Any day, the place is noisy with camera clicks doing the talking. Along the way, you will find hotels and restaurants inviting you with a strong aroma of local cuisine. Australia should be in your “to do list” if you have never visited before.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying – Visit It Before It’s Too Late

For most of you, travelling the whole world is probably one of the biggest dreams you want to fulfill in your lifetime. There are lots of wonders in this planet which have already been discovered while others still remain a mystery to be unraveled. The Great Barrier Reef, which stretches more than 1, 400 miles, is among these natural wonders of the world found in Australia.

Vibrant Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier Reef is basically the biggest coral reef system composed of more than 2,000 individual reefs and 900 islands. Soft and hard coral decorate the barrier which serves as the natural habitat of tons of precious species such as the amazingly rare and colorful fish and 6 out of the 7 species of threatened marine turtles.

Sadly, recent reports revealed that the Great Barrier Reef, which is a fragile empire according to the National Geographic, has suffered this year from the worst case scenario of coral bleaching ever recorded. In fact, a scientific study estimated that around 93% of the reef showed signs of bleaching, primarily as the result of the much dreaded but extremely felt climate change.

Just like The Galapagos Islands, Australia is facing a perilous situation on the most tragic area of hospitality industry, none other than last-chance tourism.

A few months back, the government of Australia was successful in quelling information about the reef’s unhealthy and delicate state in the fear that this will drive away their tourism industry which is estimated to bring in $5.2 billion annually.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism’s survey discovered that about 70% of visitors to The Great Barrier Reef expressed their desire of seeing the reef before it is gone. This has been cited as the main reason why they travel to the World Heritage-listed site that expands 3000 kilometers off the Queensland coast.

Since March this year, the country’s domestic visitors reached 33.5% which hit a record number of visitors because of a weakening economy. This is what makes it more cost effective to travel to the place right now.

Although it is easy to guess that tourism activities such as diving, snorkeling and others can pollute and further damage the reef, the truth is that the effects of tourism actually happen to be very positive.

While tourists cause some limited physical damages, there is nothing in comparison to the impacts of bleaching, cyclones and crown of thorns starfish. With the increased value of Great Barrier Reef tourism, it will be easier to justify the investment of the government in the management of the reef.

Having said this, it seems that the biggest and most crucial threats to the Great Barrier Reef are climate change and coral bleaching as a result. Coral bleaching takes place the moment the coral gets stressed by the increased water temperatures or pollution which can cause it to expel living algae it house and become stark white.

Coral will be able to survive these bleaching events. However, if it remains bleached for a longer time and if the event has higher intensity, it is more likely for death to take place. The coral death toll in the most affected central and northern sections of the reef is estimated at 35% as of this moment.

So, while you still have the time, book your trip to the Great Barrier Reef right away before it’s too late.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Escape in Australia with a Murray River Cruise

Murray RiverThere are several tour operators that have different vessels operating on the Murray river and cruises are designed round them. Day tours from Adelaide to the Murray River for cruising are additionally obtainable. Dinner cruises can be found through the warmer months, while lunch cruises function most days. Typically, Murray River Cruises depart from Mannum a port on the Murray River close to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia.

The Murray River Run provides a sequence of 4 to 8 day seasonal cruises along the size of the Murray River between Goolwa in South Australia and Albury, New South Wales. River cruises can be as luxurious as sea or ocean cruises. The Murray River is Australia’s longest river.

You would go for a paddle steamer tour or a smaller boat tour. The four night Murray River cruise allows passengers to discover the sweetness, history and tradition of the Murray River between Mannum and Blanchetown, South Australia. Then on Sunday there are household barbecue lunch cruises which embody a barbecue buffet lunch served on board.

Lunch is a scrumptious buffet with recent local produce, served because the Murray Expedition cruises downstream. Benefit from the scenic drive from Adelaide in a coach or bus. The four night Murray River cruise allows passengers to find the wonder, historical past and culture of the Murray River between Mannum and Blanchetown.

Some Murray River cruises concentrate on the wildlife on this wetlands area. River Murray Cruises are between two and 7 days in length. Our cruise on the Murray River was extra informal and provided a much completely different expertise.

The Murray River is on of probably the most stunning holiday locations in South Australia. Step into South Australia with Adelaide festivals or a go to to the Adelaide Hills. But multi-day cruises on it are operated by English Holiday Cruises.

You’ll be able to beat the serenity of a river cruise on the Murray River. After a hearty breakfast, be a part of a guided tour of the historic landmarks and native attractions of Murray Bridge. Mandurah Cruises photographers could also be current on cruises, tours, functions and charters and will take images which can be utilized in advertising materials produced by Mandurah Cruises. Cruise choices embody regular weekend cruises as well as twilight, barbecue, dinner and academic cruises. Be a part of the journey tour on the Murray River.

Some supply 5 evening cruises whereas others offer weekend or two night time tour. Cruising the Murray River on one of the longer cruises gives you a possibility to experience Aboriginal culture.
Passengers can lengthen to a seven evening cruise and visit the area between Walkers Flat and Murray Bridge, together with a tour to Barossa Valley and its wineries.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Crystal Clear Water for Your Very Own Pool


Does your pool have a crystal clear blue colour? You know the colour I am talking about. When you see a picture perfect pool and the water is so crystal clear with a deep blue colour. You swear that the water looks good enough to drink! But of course you never would. We all know that pools have chemicals in the water to prevent it from getting contaminated.

The worst enemy for a pool is the dreaded algae. A type of organism that creates your pool to change colour and take on the dreaded green tinge. Left untreated algae can quickly take over your pool and change it to a dark green and then even black colour. Apart from being unsightly the algae that grows in pool water is also dangerous and should not be consumed. Not that you would ever drink pool water intentionally. No matter how crystal clear it looked. Right? I hope not! But even so when swimming and jumping in and out of a pool it can be easy for water to get in your mouth and you can inadvertently consume some. Obviously in small amounts such as this you are perfectly safe. But when there are algae and other contaminates in the water you could be putting your health in jeopardy.

So how do you keep your pool safe from the dreaded algae and take on that crystal clear colour? Well you need to take care of it for starters. Your pool is a mass of liquid that needs special care to stay healthy. Especially when you intend to have yourself and other humans jumping in and out of it whenever you desire. Simple pool equipment such as a pump ensure that the water is moving during certain parts of the day as would happen in the real world. Think of a river or the ocean. Water is constantly moving which prevents algae growing. Hot motionless water is the perfect breading ground for algae and that is why you see algae growths in lakes other masses of still water.

So you have your pump set to move the water around in your pool but you can’t rely on this alone. For one it is way too expensive and noisy to keep your pool pump running all day and night. So you also need to create the right chemical balance in your pool water to prevent algae build-up. So how do you do this? Well it depends on what style of pool you have – either a saltwater or chlorine pool. Funnily enough a salt water pool has a device called a chlorinator which actually produces chlorine for the pool to aid in keeping it clean. To summarise you need chlorine in your pool to keep the algae and another nasties away. However putting too much chlorine in your pool can be disadvantageous too. For one it can sting your skin or eyes and can even bleach your swimming costumes!

So all in all you need to take care of your pool to ensure that it stays crystal clear blue colour. While we have touched on the topic of chlorine and using the pump to move your pool water around these are only 2 components of your pool waters crystal clear blue colour. To maintain this for your own pool will require lots of research and possibly trial and error on your part to get the right maintenance program in place for your pool. Also don’t forget to adjust your schedule in winter and summer when the pool water needs more care due to the heat.

All seems too much? That’s fine too. You can always simply call the pool professionals. An experienced and qualified pool service technician can assist you in getting your pool water to that crystal clear colour and keeping it that way all year round. It will obviously cost you for this service but at least you don’t have to waste your time investigating any issues and your pool will be ready to use whenever you want it. Finally you can have the swimming pool of the rich and famous!


Marvel at Sydney Harbour’s Beauty

Sydney Harbour is an amazing place. Home to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House which are known worldwide. In fact these 2 famous landmarks often lead to the confusion that Sydney is the capital of Australia. This is not the case. It is actually Canberra that is the capital of Australia.

Nonetheless Sydney’s Harbour is simply magnificent. Rich in blue water there is often a buzz of boats, ferries, ships and cruise-liners in and out of the harbour. This aerial view of the harbour gives a view that is often never seen by tourists or locals alike. Unless of couse you can afford to take a helicopter tour of the harbour.

The next best way to view the harbour is by being on the water. Sydney Ferries operates a public transport service that travel all around the harbour. The most common trips for tourists include Darling Harbour (located in the heart of the city)  to Manly. Manly is located on the north side of Sydney itself. The other is the Parramatta ferry which runs underneath the harbour bridge and all the way up the Parramatta river to the growing city of Paramatta.

If you are ever in Sydney you need to come down to the harbour to check out the beautiful waters. There are also a few beaches scattered in the harbour where you can swim and sunbake however due to no waves getting into the harbour it is not recommended to go out too far as there are sharks in the waters.

If you want to go for a surf or swim where there are breaking waves and less chance of sharks then check out the city beaches. On the Manly side you have a great choice spread out on the Nothern Beaches including Palm Beach, Avalon, Avoca, Mosman and Manly. Then on the southern side of Sydney Harbour you have the famous Bondi Beach, Bronte, Coogee and Maroubra amongst others.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Pacific Ocean

On the beautiful East Coast of Australia you will find the Pacific Ocean.

Now the Pacific Ocean is huge – in fact it is the largest ocean in the world. Stretching all the way from the west coast of the USA, Central and South America to the East Coast of Australia and to the Indonesian Islands, Japan and China in the North.

Contained in the middle of the Pacific is crazily deep water. I mean the human population hasn’t even been to all of the bottom sections! Its unbelievable but true.

Of course there are heaps of Islands in the middle of the pacific such as the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and many many more. The waters on these Islands is breathtaking. Real paradise.

When most people think of Australia’s East coast they forget that it is these same waters – the Pacific Ocean that reaches our shores. Most of Australia’s east coast is dark blue and green like a typical beach coastline.

Think about Bondi Beach. A famous beach no doubt but not the most attractive water. No like the crystal clear waters of Fiji for instance.

However in the far north east coast of Oz you will find some gorgeous beach locations. Places like the Whitsundays is where you will find simply amazing crystal clear blue water. I mean some of the photos from these places are simply stunning. You would think they were an exotic location hidden away in some Mediterranean hideaways or Caribbean coast. But no!

Its Australia! Simply stunning.

Oz Pacific Waters

The Pacific Ocean – Just another one of the amazing Blue Waters of Oz.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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